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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Eagle Eye Film Review

Eagle Eye follows two strangers who have been "recruited" over the phone, through use of threats, to carry out seemingly impossible, ridiculous missions, but without knowing who is behind it. This film is very similar story to one we have seen before, who's name escapes me, but it moves along at a decent pace, with loads of action (with unfortunate wobble cam footage again). We went not knowing what to really expect, but thoroughly enjoyed this film.

Ben 7 out of 10
Barry 7 out of 10

P.S. Note to Hollywood movie studios - please, please, please stop spending loads of money on special effects, only to be filmed millimeters from the action by some camera guy with jelly for arms. We miss the action, the wobble doesn't any excitement to the film, it simply makes you feel ill!!



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