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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

No Hairy Legs Allowed

We have been harrassed at Timanfaya Palace, as apparently there was a dress code, not advertised in Thompson's brochure, that men MUST wear trousers to dinner. As we all know, I NEVER wear trousers, so we've been having an ongoing saga with the restaurant manager.

The first night, we explained we didn't know about the rules and hadn't packed trousers.

The second night, he ran after us waving trousers (which looked like staff uniforms) and asked us to wear them, luckily they were completely the wrong size. Good luck finding trousers to fit me!!

The third night he got very grumpy as we hadn't worn his badly fitting trousers!

Aparently ladies are allowed to wear shorts, but men aren't as we have hariy legs!!!!



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