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Monday, April 17, 2006

Back Home Now :-(

After an early 4.30am start, we're back home now. The in flight system was reporting snow in London, but we're glad to find it sunny and warm, although not as warm as Egypt!

Have uploaded the holidays snaps over on the right, and also a couple of videos of the pyramids:


Sunday, April 16, 2006

Egypt Day 2

This morning we went to The Egyptian museum, unfortunately no photos were allowed. We learned more about King Cheops, builder of The Great Pyramid, his son Chephren, builder of the middle pyramid, and grandson "Mickey" who built the 3rd pyramid. We also met, in statue form, the 5th king named "Squid Chisel" in hieroglyphics, and one of 5 women pharaohes called "Hot Chicken Soup"! We also saw Pharaoh Tutankhamun's famous golden mask and burial robes. In all 300kg of solid gold!

Later we visited a papyrus museum, where they showed us the many uses for the plant, it wasn't just used for paper. We also bought some papyrus art.

This afternoon we have been laying by the pool, with the pyramids in the distance. Not as hot today, but still managed to top up my burnt face!

Pyramids by the pool

Papyrus art 1

Papyrus art 2


Saturday, April 15, 2006

Egypt by Night

We had a hairy ride back to the pyramids this evening! It really is best not to look out the window while driving, as the roads are a complete free-for-all. No lanes, no rules, no traffic lights, no stopping!

We saw the pyramid light and sound show this evening. Was very good hour show giving you a run through of the history, with lights, lasers and projections. The evening was rounded off by a really nice buffet, we had roast beef, and drinks from the bar.

The Sphinx looking a bit red

Pyramids at night


Egypt Day 1

Le Meridien Pyramids hotel, where we are staying is very nice! We're on the 5th (top) floor, called the Royal Floor, with our own express lift! From the pool you can see the top of 2 of the pyramids.

Went to the pyramids this morning. The guide said it was the busiest he'd ever seen it, as it was also a public holiday in Egypt today. Went down inside a crypt that was 4300 years old and creepily lit. Also saw the sphinx! Apparently there are 11 pyramids in Giza, 1100 in Egypt, not just the 3 main ones that tourists come to see, there are also many sphinxes. We were hi-jacked by one of the tourist trap people here into having our picture taken with a camel, it cost us $10, and we ignored everyone else who thrust things into our hands after that!

We've been lying by the pool this afternoon, its boiling hot, but luckily there is a breeze. We've just come in to find out we're a bit burnt! Off to see the pyramid and light show in a minute.

Our $10 photo

The Great Pyramid

The Sphinx