Ben and Barry's Blog

Wednesday, August 31, 2005


Just got back from Aqualand in Maspolmas. Went on the "plug hole" ride, like a swirling sink, and then you vanish down the drain! Did all the rides, except Kamikazi, but then decided we were getting a bit burnt, so have headed to C.C.Cito mall (where I´m typing this) for a drink before we head back to hotel.


Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Luggage Turned Up!

Finally (as we´re getting a bit stinky) our case has made it to Gran Canaria and is delivered to the hotel!


Monday, August 29, 2005

No Case Still :-(

Still waiting for case, but urgently need a swim, so its off to Spar to buy some lovely €6 trunks for us both. After the swim we feel miles better though :-)


Finally Arrived!!

Blimey what a journey! Plane was delayed 1.5hrs. When we arrived at Madrid we had to run across 2 terminals as we only had 5mins for our connecting flight, we just made it! In Gran Canaria they decided it would be fun to lose our case, after waiting 45mins for all the luggage to vanish off the belt, still no sign of ours, so we filled in a lost luggage report. They gave us a free wash kit with fresh pants and fetching Iberia t-shirt in. Quite tired at this point we fall into the taxi which took us to the hotel. Upon arriving at the hotel, it was all locked, all the lights were out, and there was no one to let us in!!! Its now 3am, and we´re not amused!!! We rattle the gate and bang around for 30mins, then give up and check in at a hotel up the road. At least we didn´t have to trudge around with our case ,-)