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Saturday, November 26, 2005

Day 10 - Disney Quest & Home :-(

We have one final Disney pass left, so after pre-checking our bags with Virgin at Downtown Disney, we head into Disney Quest which as it turns out is one huge con, as its just an elaborate arcade they charge you alot of money to get into! However there is a white water rafting simulator ride thats quite good - bouncing you up and down on air cushions and squirting you with water!

Am now sat in Starbucks at the airport using their free wirless. Time to go through security and come home in about 1hr :-(

See you soon!!


Friday, November 25, 2005

Day 9 - Rest & Zuthura

We were going to go to Typhoon Lagoon Water Park today, but Barry feeling a bit under the weather. So we're doing one last round of shopping, then catch Zuthura, which is from Jumanji writer, and turns out to be almost identical but set in space, fairly average and 2 out of 5.

To use up our Disney tickets we also goto Pleasure Island one last time.

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Thursday, November 24, 2005

Day 8 - MGM & Thanks Giving

Not much new at MGM, but decided to go anyway. The new "Lights, Motors, Action!" car/bike stunt show was very impressive, with loads of stunts and things exploding. Also saw the special christmas lights, over 5 million of them on Streets of America, they even made it snow although it was about 80 degrees! Headed back over to Disney for "Specromagic" (aka Electrical Light Parade), as Barry had never seen, and I think I was about 5 last time I saw it!

We were going to have nice Golden Coral Turkey dinner, but queue was massive (lots of lazy Americans), so we had our Thanks Giving dinner take out in luxurious plastic containers ;-)

Stunts cars, one forward, one backwards and one with driver strapped to the side!

Giant AT-AT still there

5 million lights, count 'em!
Donald in Spectromagic


Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Day 7 - More Rest & Pleasure Island

Were going to do Disney MGM today, but as malls all shut tomorrow for Thanks Giving, decided to hit the shops one last time, and save MGM for tomorrow (hopefully when everyone else is eating!).

Just about to goto Downtown Disney to see the movie "Just Friends", about a fat guy who gets thin and meets his high school love -sic! Have dinner in Planet Hollywood, then venture on over to Pleasure Island for a spot of night life.


Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Day 6 - Day of Rest & Flightplan

We're both knackered, so as its sunny but windy we're having a lazy day. Bit of shopping, bit of swimming.

Went to Universal Boardwalk at night, saw Jodie Foster in "Flightplan". Very good film, made you think she was genuinely crazy, with a novel twist at the end. 4 out 5.

On the way to Boardwalk saw a very "friendly" xenophobic bumper sticker saying "Welcome to America. We speak english. Learn it or leave!"

Ate very late at Bennigans. Had our first burgers of the holiday, very nice. Had a slightly crazy waitress who was asked why they were open on Thanks Giving, and would we really be eating out there, and then also asked if we celebrated Thanks Giving in the UK - oops!

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Day 5 - Epcot

The park we were both looking forward to didn't disappoint. A couple of old rides left, but all others have been updated, and quite a few new ones. Mission: SPACE was very cool, with combination of simulator and G-Force machine, simulating realistic flight into outer space. Soarin' was another simulator flying over Californian countryside. Test Track was a car testing facility, simulating suspension, skid and crash tests, followed by a 65mph zoom round a test track! All very cool, topped off by a cracking "Illuminations" firework and laser display.
See some crazy videos we created at Mission: SPACE:

The Epcot Ball

Another silly hat

Illuminations fireworks


Sunday, November 20, 2005

Day 4 - Animal Kingdom

Well it looks like we're not going to get much sun on this holiday, so we're going theme park crazy! Today is Disney's Animal Kingdom (sponsored by McDonalds). Very good rambling safaris, with some well kept animals, mixed in with a bunch of 3D Bug's Life and animatronic dinosaurs for good measure. Very grey and bit rainy today, but had fun none the less.

Tree of Life
(well actually concrete ;-)

A lady bush

Dodgy looking ice cream

A monkey's bottom


Day 3 - Speed Boats & Potter 4

Another overcast day, but still hot, being caused by "Tropical Storm Gamma" down in Central America. We headed to Downtown Disney for a bit of shopping and speed boating! Then headed to Universal Boardwalk, where we saw Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (which was very good), 4 out of 5, and wandered round to take the night life in for a bit.

Speeding around
Universal Boardwalk at night


Saturday, November 19, 2005

Day 2 - Disney!

Slightly overcast, but trying to be sunny, so we decided to head to Disney. Both been a very long time since we last went, and either the park hasn't aged well, or we haven't! Some of the rides are starting to show their age, but we had a great day anyway! The new 3D PhilharMagic and Stitch's Great Escape rides were very cool, both also had usual 4D elements, spraying with water and blasting with air, but now also 5D with added smells!!

My first coffee of the holiday, Starbucks right next to hotel :-)

Castle by day

The joyful return to "It's a Small World" for Barry

The dreaded return for Ben!

Barry does 3D Philharmagic

3 monkies!! Who is who??

Nice choice of Disney pimp hats


Friday, November 18, 2005

1st Day in Orlando - Shopping!

Weather was a bit crappy today, low 70's and cloudy, so we decided to hit the shops. Spend a small fortune! Hotel is very nice, fairly new, and very scarily close to the Golden Corral. Thats it in the picture (red neons lights) as seen from our hotel room window, only about 1 min walk away!! Weather is supposed to be better tomorrow, so may swim or goto a theme park!