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Friday, October 19, 2007

Wedding & Helicopter

Our final full day in Vegas :-( Ever since we first talked Vegas with Beryl, she said she wanted to renew her vowes with Ray, so Barry had booked this for her as a surprise, but it was super top secret from Ray!! How many cover ups were involved in this holiday?!

So this afternoon we head to the Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel, where Elvis is waiting to perform the ceremony! Also helping is some dodgy looking showgirl! The ceremony was pretty quick, but Elvis, the limo, champagne and chocolate covered strawberries certainly made an impresion!

In the evening, again a secret from both Beryl and Ray, we do a helicopter night flight over the strip!


Thursday, October 18, 2007

Limo Ride

Tonight a surprise for Beryl & Ray, we have booked a Limo to take us up and down Las Vegas Blvd and see the Vegas sign, hotel shows and Freemont Street.

First stop is the sign!

Next the Sirens of TI at Treasure Island:

And finally all the way up to Freemont Street:


Spa Day

As we're staying in a roman themed hotel you'd expect them to have some sort of spa/baths, and boy do they!! After a look over the price list and picking ourselves up off the floor, we decide to get an all day pass at a very reasonable $45. This gave us access to the Roman Baths, with Tepidarium, Caldarium and Frigidarium pools. Also a menthol steam room, which we couldn't actually breathe in, so we head into the breathing room (normal sauna!). Finally into the Arctic Ice room, which was literally freezing and had snow in it!! It really did have snow!!!!

When we were pruney enough we relaxed in our robes in the Tea Room, where we had a nice cup of tea! We needed this day to relax and chill after all the walking and activities.


Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Shopping and Excalibur

Today we just mooch around, hitting the malls and taking it slow.

In the evening we head to Excalibur for Tournament of Kings dinner and live jousting/fighting show. We had some lovely soup, followed by roast chicken, which you have to eat with your hands. The show is going on while you have dinner, with lots of screaming and audience participation. Ha-zaaa!!!!


Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Phantom of the Opera the Musical

While Beryl and Ray see Mamma Mia, we head to the Venetian to see Phantom of the Opera in a custom built $40 million dollar theatre!! This musical version follows the film quite closely, using similar unveiling of the theatre, so basically we're sat in the film. It starts out with the chandelier flying round the entire room in pieces and gradually assembling in the roof, which then lights up and the entire theatre is revealled from behind "dusty" sheets, quite spectacular! Other memorable scenes are when they visit the phatom in the basement, with the whole boat scene with thousands of candles appearing out the the stage and "floating" around. The whole thing was 95 minutes of non-stop songs, superp set pieces and of course that haunting music!!

5 out of 5

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Trek Again!!

After hunting round for bargain tickets this morning for Trek, Phantom and Mamma Mia (for Beryl and Ray), we head back to the Hilton for a bit more Trek. Well you can never have enough!!

After a couple of Deanna Troi cocktails, we ride Klingon Encounter and Borg 4D, which are both ace as usual. We then head to Quark's for some more top notch Hamborgers and more cocktails!!


Monday, October 15, 2007

VIPs at Legends in Concert

Tonight we have a dinner and show booked at the Imperial Palace. Dinner is in the Cockeyed Clam, not the best of names, but the meal was gorgeous. After dinner we headed to our booth in the theatre to see Legends in Concert. The acts are random, but heres who we got: girating Ricky Martin, even more girating Tom Jones, not blind Ray Charles, bit crap Gwen Stefani, superb Supremes and finally, of course, Elvis!! It was a great show!!


Sunday, October 14, 2007

Trek and Fountains

For dinner tonight we take Beryl and Ray to the Hilton, where they have the Star Trek Experience (our fave), for some Hamborgers! We also have some of their gigantic Warp Core Breach cocktails.

After that we catch the Vegas Monorail to The Bellagio, to watch my fave, the fountains!!


Gambling and Shopping

What else is there to do in Vegas?!?! We have a huge buffet breakfast as we've starving, the full works of cereal, toast, fry up, waffles and fruit! Mmmmmmmm!

On the way to the Forum Shops in the hotel we spy a fruit machine called "Village People Party" which plays the YMCA! In the bonus round you have to pick your Village Person to win the cash. Its only a 1c machine, but on Barry's first play he won $125!!! From 1c!!! Jammy git!!!

The rest of the day is spent shopping!!


Saturday, October 13, 2007

The Room!

How superb is our room at Caesar's Palace?!?! We're in the Palace Tower on the 14th floor. Its very large and by far the poshest room we've ever stayed in! It has a double bathroom, with ajoining double shower, plus a 2 seater jacuzzi bath!!

Me in the giant bath!


Beryl's Surprise

Barry had been setting this surprise up for months for his mum (I think he's too good at keeping secrets!) Beryl thought she was going to Spain, as Ray had been telling her for weeks, however the destination was really Las Vegas!!